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What is CryptoCrunch?

CryptoCrunch strives to be an unbiased source for cryptocurrency and blockchain news.

Do you accept recommendations for news stories?

We are always looking for news. Please submit to us any ideas that you may have.

Who can I contact if I have a question?

Please use our contact form. We aim to respond to all queries within 24 hours.

Why are comments not allowed on certain news articles?

In some situations, we disable commenting on stories. We do so by following certain criteria, such as if the comments may cause harm, or if there is a risk that they may break the law.

What do you consider a personal attack on an author?

Please do not contact us on this website, or outside this website to make any personal attacks against our authors. They deserve your respect.

What is the CryptoCrunch privacy policy?

We do not collect any personal information from our visitors. The only information we collect is browser usage data. Please view our privacy policy to learn more.

Can I submit a press release?

Yes, we accept press releases. The cost of this is $600 USD payable via crypto.

Can I volunteer to become a writer?

We do not currently accept volunteers. Please contact us if you would like a paid position.

Should I invest in ICOs?

Due to legal reasons, we cannot offer recommendations on this.

What is the legal landscape of the cryptocurrency industry?

Due to legal reasons, we cannot dispense legal advise.